The Latest Alpha Guide for Axie Infinity
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The Latest Alpha Guide for Axie Infinity

One distinct feature of the Axie Infinity is its functionality as a digital pet universe where game players can own virtual spaces. Before that happens, game players must learn to raise and build an axie while earning rewards. In addition, they can battle with these axies and use the earned rewards to trade for fantasy creatures like the one they own – the Axies. 

As a result, this latest alpha guide is a critical tool to ensure that you learn the basic rudiments of the gameplay itself. More importantly, you can use it as a method to earn valuable income that can work through the Axie community Alpha application. By the way, learning how the game works is a step in the right direction about winning great rewards. 

At the same time, you may also need to start off a good account when starting to acquire the Axies that you need. You should start with this onboarding guide as part of the learning process of the gameplay basics. But first, can we consider some of the critical topics. However, we will briefly explain what Axies are the central characters of the Axie infinity game.

What is an Axie?

The Latest Alpha Guide for Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is about Axies, and they are fantasy creatures that players can build, battle, collect, and raise. In the same way, Axie may even have different characteristics, which may go a long way in determining their roles in the battle. 


Now that you get a brief idea of what Axies are, it is time to consider what axis does or characteristics you should monitor.

HP. HP refers to the amount of damage your Axie can inflict on others before getting knocked out. 

Morale. The Morale of an Axie is the rate at which the Axie can increase the chance of a critical strike. It is a determinant of the possibility of entering the last stand of the Axie. This case is likely with this property. The Morale is also the last stand tick that your Axie can add to your gaming adventure. 

Skill. The skill of an Axie can cause damage to the Axie that a player is using, especially with multiple sets of cards used together. Meanwhile, such a play is referred to as the combo. You can also add some extra damage to the opposing Axe and calculate that risk by this formula, card attack*skill500.

Speed. The speed of an Axie refers to the turn order of the game. For instance, in launching an attack, the faster Axies are the ones that attack first in order of stamina. If you have two Axies with the same speed, it determines the rate at which an attack occurs. You can also arrange these Axies in the order of their speed to obtain High Speed > Low HP > High Skill > High Morale > Low Fighter ID.

Furthermore, the stats of the Axie depends on two standard variables. The first one is the class, while the other is the body parts. Let us give some more clarity

Body Parts

The body part contains Axieparts where each one has six different body parts, including

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Mouth
  • Horn
  • Tail
  • Back  

Moreover, four parts of this list can determine the particular cards that the Axie uses in battle. These special ones are the mouths, horns, tails, and backs. Moreover, each of these body parts’ statistics depends on the region’s class.


A class is the actual type of character that your Axie in the game has. This property I quite similar to what you have in the Pokemon. Moreover, the class can be weak and intense depending on what you want the course to achieve in the game events. Whereas, when trying to estimate the damage caused to the character, the class of the card is essential in the attacking move compared to the Axie class of this class character. 

Moreover, the bird card can also attack the Beastie Axie, which can deal with up to 15% of the extra damage. In fact, the best card in use can also work out the right level of attack on the Aquatic Axie that can deal with up to 15% less damage on the character. Besides, when the class axie of choice from its own class has a 10% attack or a bonus attack, it has different characteristics.

For example, a Plant Axie uses a plant card when the player receives 10% with extra attacks or a broad shield. At the same time, the attack bonuses can attack up into something more worthwhile. Moreover, the Beast Axie can also use the best card against any plant that may reach up to 25% of the original form. The 25% is an addition containing 10% plus another 15% in total damage.

The game classes affect the statistics of the Axie in a way that allows users to monitor the progress of their acquisitions. The final report also contains an overview of the class system and the stat.

Battle system mechanics

The Axie Infinity battle system mechanics can also come on the card game to eliminate all the enemies of your Axie character. The player often needs to put uncommon strategies in place while playing the right cards to maximize their chances of victory. 

Advanced Mechanics

This rule contains an overview of the debuffs and buffs, which can affect the condition of your Axie battle. At the same time, it includes some optimum battle strategies, which can easily lead you to contact. 

Starter Teams

When considering the mechanics of Axie Infinity, most of them found new players usually comprise one defender and two attackers as Axies. Moreover, the tank should also be placed in front of the team you are using while drawing incoming attacks. 


In conclusion, some of the general tips you can add to this Alpha guide for Axie Infinity include all plant class cards that are perfect tank cards. Also, it comprises reptile and aquatic cards that can also serve as tank cards. In addition, it also uses some self-healing cards such as the Rosebud and Shiitake that can build resilience in the character team.