SLP Farming Guide in Axie Infinity NFT Game
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SLP Farming Guide in Axie Infinity NFT Game

All axies exist on the blockchain network in a non-fungible (NFT) token with indicative roles. And one of the roles of a good player, apart from the standard methods of earning rewards, is to farm SLP efficiently through optimal play. To get an optimum perspective, we need to consider one of the most fundamental skills you need to farm SLPs.

There is no overemphasis on how to value SLPs are within the game environment. And while playing Axie Infinity, your eye must be on the goal, which is earning Smooth Love Potions (SLP) through the different tasks, adventures, and arena battles. On the other hand, a player can apply the SLP in breeding axies with the AXS or sell directly in the marketplace. 

In straightforward terms, the three significant ways to earn SLPs are 

  • Accomplishing daily quests
  • Adventures of Player versus Enemy (PvE)
  • Arena Battles of Player versus Player (PvP)

However, that is not where the journey starts. There is one more thing to learn, and it is about the Energy.


The Energy is the unit of measuring the stamina of life level of each axie, and you must know how this one works. Before jumping into any of the three ways of acquiring SLPs above, you should know that it is not as easy as it looks. Remarkably, the adventure and the arena modes require you to build a vast skill set and have a game plan to outsmart other players and be able t wade off the enemies. 

In each adventure or arena battle that you undertake, it will cost you one Energy. Meanwhile, you need the Energy to gain EXP in the adventure mode or earn an SLP in the arena. By implication, if you run out of Energy at any point, it implies the death of your axie, except you learn to farm SLP in the ways we are suggesting soon. 

Also, the optimum amount of refill speed and amount of Energy a player gets is a factor of the number of axies a player own. So, by implication, you need to get as many axies as possible as you proceed in the gaming adventure. By analysis,

  • 3 to 9 Axies = 20 Energy, and you will regain 5 Energy after every 6 hours
  • 10 to 19 Axies = 40 Energy, and you will regain 5 Energy after every 3 hours
  • Over 20 Axies = 60 Energy, and you will regain 5 Energy after every 2 hours

You can monitor the amount of Energy left and the amount of left time before you get an energy refill at the top of the screen. 

Now let us analyze the details of each of the three methods by which you can earn SLP

  1. Daily Quest 

Every registered player has access to a daily quest that refreshes after 24 hours. Meanwhile, when you successfully complete these daily tasks, you will earn 25 SLP. But before you can meet each of the daily tasks, you may have to 

  • Complete the daily check-in
  • Complete 10 adventure mode levels
  •  Win in 5 Arena matches
  1. Adventures (PvE)

In the adventure mode, the cap on the SLP you can earn is about 50 SLP each day. Although the total amount of SLP available for grabs depends on the player’s level, it is still assigned at random. On the other hand, the higher the level of the player, the more SLP they earn when they win a stage in the adventure mode. Moreover, when you play at a particular group for the first time, you get an SLP reward. But if you repeat that same level, you may not get any bonus anymore for completing that level. 

Here is a special one: you can even earn one-time SLP rewards when you conquer certain bosses in the adventure mode. However, it also depends on the current level of the player. For instance, 

  • Level 21 earns 200 SLP
  • Level 36 reaches 300 SLP
  1. Arena (PvP)

In the gaming arena mode, a player must contend with other players with a team confronting another team of axies in battle. It takes spending Energy to earn SLP within the arena, while if you have no energy, you may not even be able to earn SLP. At the same time, the other way to earn SLP without spending Energy is by playing in the Adventure mode. 

Meanwhile, while playing in the Arena mode, the amount of SLP for you to earn depends on the player’s rating and level of play. By implication, the more your rating, then the more SLP you can make. Generally, the Axie Edge listed some of the wins and the rewarding amounts of SLP based on the player’s rating. 

However, note that any rating below 800 cannot earn any SLP within this gaming environment. 

RatingAmount of SLP
Less than 800No SLP can be gained
800 – 9001 SLP per win
1000 – 1099 3 SLP per win
1100 – 1299 7 SLP per win
1300 – 1499 8 SLP per win
1500 – 1799 9 SLP per win
1800 – 1999 10 SLP per win
2000 – 2199 11 SLP per win
Above 220012 SLP per win

Conclusion – The Maximum Amount of SLP per Day

As of Season 18, the SLP calculations below holds what is applicable in terms of the adventure mode offer. However, the SLP earning at the arena mode may have been reviewed. Generally, if you have above 20 axies in your game, you can get up to 60 arena matches each day. If you expend all your 60 energy during the battle, you will have to wait for a full day before getting an energy refill. 

On the other hand, if you have a rating between 1100 and 2000, you can earn between 7 and 10 SLPs each day. By implication, you can make between 420 and 600 SLP from the arena battles each day. In addition, you can also get up to 50 SLP from the adventure mode and another 25 SLP from the daily quest. You will earn a total of 495 to 675 SLP each day you play the game with your 20+ Axies. Click here to get about The Future of Play-to-Earn Games with Axie Infinity.