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Amazing things you must know before buying Axie Infinity (AXS)

You don’t just go into the market and buy Axie Infinity (AXS). You might be wondering what is hard in buying a crypto wallet and starting playing a game. Axie Infinity is one of the best cryptocurrencies growing at a very high speed. Research shows that Axie Infinity’s growth has gone beyond what the inventors can control. It has taken over the market, and the request for this unique game is increasing day by day. With that said, several scammers are out there to make fake things real to you. How do I mean? 

Axie Infinity’s popularity and its high revenue have made investors think otherwise. They thought if they should invest in it or not. Apart from that, if you look out there, you will see several sellers claiming that they hold original Axie Infinity (AXS). I want to tell you that not all of them are real, Axie. There are fake Axie Infinity out there, and one needs to be very careful before taking any steps. I recommend link: the most reliable NFT gaming platform.

Amazing things you must know before buying Axie Infinity (AXS)

However, this article aims at helping anyone that wants to invest in this play-to-earn game without regretting their actions. I am here to provide vital information on things you need to look out for before buying Axie Infinity. Don’t be scared about what I’ve said about scammers; it’s just information you need to know. Please stay calm and read this article carefully to get the rightful information to push you to do the needful. 

Now, what is Axie Infinity? I said earlier that Axie Infinity is one of the few cryptocurrencies growing dramatically in recent months.  Axie Infinity is a Non-Fungible Token game that was launched in 2017. Since then, Axie Infinity has maintained the lead position among all non-fungible token games. This unique game is a new type of game practically owned and operated by its players. Holders can use axie Infinity’s innate token to form the platform’s growth, such as determining how the treasury funds should be spent or in what method the ecosystem fund should be apportioned. AXS can be earned by playing games and through player-created initiatives.  A newbie player can start making up seventy-five to three hundred+ Sleep Love Portions every day. However, the money made depends on the Axie team, energy, and player skill. Ordinarily, players usually earn around one hundred and fifty to two hundred Sleep Love Portion per day. This number increases as players progress and become more experienced during the game. This game was architected by Sky Mavis and Pokémon-inspired it. This unique game was built as a fun and instructive way to make known to the world blockchain technology. Several of the original team associates met playing Cryptokitties, and it was their first time using blockchain for non-trading accomplishments. Axie Infinity varies from a usual game because it influences blockchain inducements to compensate players parsimoniously for their offerings to the ecosystem.

Things you need to know before buying AXS

Amazing things you must know before buying Axie Infinity (AXS)
  1. It is expedient to know that Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn cryptocurrency game. It’s a game that must be linked with a crypto wallet account if one wants to use the tips that will be given at the end of the day. This game is not just a game. From my end, I used to see Axie infinity as a business. However, it’s a game that comes with a lot of fun beyond expression. But one has to buy AXS before playing this game if one wants to earn some money. In Axie Infinity, players own delightful creatures called Axies. Mind you; each Axie is an NFT, which implies that this game is an exceptional digital collectible in its own right. Players have the chance to breed and battle Axies. Not only that, but players can also complete quests and farm resources. This unique game has its economy. The uniqueness in this game allows players to use their in-game tokens, that is, the SLP and AXS, to purchase lands, farms, and breed Axies in Lunacia. The worth of the tokens can permit the players to use their in-game tokens to pay for rent or buy food in real life. 
Amazing things you must know before buying Axie Infinity (AXS)
  1. Another thing you must pay attention to is the fact that Axie Infinity is not the only play-to-earn game on the market. I think I have referred to something like this in my introduction. If you want to buy AXS, it is essential for you to bear in mind that other crypto games are available in the market. This will help you to go straight for what you want. One thing that distinguishes AXS in the market is that this crypto game had several years to develop the product and form its community. This project primarily started in 2017, and it took off in the market in 2019. This is vital information you need to know before going to the market to request AXS. Learn more about ultimate structure of the Axie Infinity NFT game. 
  1.  Axie Infinity made more income in the past thirty days than the other top ten apps combined. Based on the data from Token Terminal, Axie has produced nothing less than ninety million dollars in revenue in the past few days. During collating this data, it was recorded that other combined ten Apps only made forty-one million dollars altogether. Can you imagine that? AXS is far beyond what others can compete with. The margin is just too much. You must know all these facts before buying AXS. Buying AXS without knowing this fact can be risky.


With the above-listed points, you will be able to know the exact thing you are looking for. Not only that, but the points above will also help you to decide if you’re willing to invest in this game or not. Therefore, please keep in mind that I am always open to answering questions that cross your mind regarding this topic.